Bizability Group at Drucker Day

Fittingly, a video about Peter Drucker–sometimes called the inventor of management–kicked off Drucker Day 2013 at Claremont Graduate University’s Drucker School of Management on Nov. 4.

The video highlighted Drucker’s philosophy, noting that he emphasized the moral obligation of management to empower labor–and contribute to society. For Bizability Group founders David Beall, a Drucker School alumnus, and Elisabeth Deffner, it was an exciting message. creative economy.jpg

“We approach our work not only with a drive to meet our clients’ needs in a creative and exciting way, but also with a desire to empower our staff to take ownership of each project they’re involved in,” Beall explained.

“Peter Drucker’s belief that companies should concern themselves with the welfare of their employees, and with society at large–it’s an aspect of his philosophy that always hit home for me.”

Keynote speaker John Howkins, author of The Creative Economy: How People Make Money from Ideas, also had much to say that resonated with Bizability Group. “Copyright is the currency of the creative economy,” he said at one point.

“Knowledge management promotes innovation and growth.”

An afternoon panel of executives from NBC Entertainment and Mattel, alongside Drucker Senior Fellow Roland Deiser, addressed “talent development,” and the potential friction between “the creatives” and “the suits” in a corporate environment. Their conclusion? Truly creative organizations put creative people in leadership–and successful organizations permit failures. After all, one speaker noted, “You have to have failure on your resume; otherwise, you’re not an entrepreneur who tried.”

The sold-out Drucker Day attracted alumi and current and prospective students from across the country, and even from outside the United States. For the Bizability Group, it was easy to see why.

“An event like this can have the same impact as a really excellent corporate retreat,” said Beall. “It refreshes, it revives, it inspires.”

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