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ORANGE, Calif., June 15, 2014–As part of its ADAPT program, which creates dynamic digital platforms for print publications, Bizability Group has launched a mobile app for, the digital news source for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange (Calif.). 

Sponsored by St. Joseph Health, the free app is currently available for use on Android phones and devices.

Bizability Group developed the website for the Diocese of Orange. The website launched, in conjunction with complementary Facebook and Twitter accounts, one year ago. It is a premiere example of Bizability Group’s ADAPT program: Affordable Digital Alternatives for Print Transformation.

Bizability Group has developed and released an Android app for client website

Bizability Group has developed and released an Android app for client website

Prior to the launch of, the Diocese of Orange—one of the 10 fastest-growing dioceses in North America—relied on a monthly print newspaper to keep parishioners informed of news from across the diocese, the nation, and the world. Publishing at least one new story every day, provides more thorough and more frequent news updates, in addition to reaching far beyond the bounds of Orange County. Readers come to from all across the country, and from every continent except Antarctica (so far!).

“After developing and managing the astronomical growth of the readership, along with the accompanying social media, we knew that the next step was to develop a mobile app,” says Bizability Group president David Beall, who spearheaded the project.

“According to Nielsen, mobile apps account for 89 percent of media time on mobile devices—and news apps are among the most downloaded.”

In fact, half of all mobile device users have downloaded at least one news app; and of those, nearly 70 percent have downloaded niche news apps, like the OCCatholicNews app.

The mobile app makes it easy for people on the go to stay in touch with the latest news from the Diocese of Orange, including updates on the Christ Cathedral (formerly the Crystal Cathedral), news from the diocese’s Catholic elementary and high schools, and events at the more than 60 parishes across the diocese, which spans all of Orange County.

Users can customize the newsfeed to include any of the news topics on, from Bishop Kevin Vann’s writings and the latest from Christ Cathedral (formerly the Crystal Cathedral) to movie reviews, national news, and world events.

Bizability Group consults with entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, and businesses poised to expand, providing the services and solutions these companies need in order to grow and succeed. Executive team David Beall and Elisabeth Deffner have a total of more than 40 years’ experience launching and running independent businesses, focusing on practical solutions and communications.

The OCCatholicNews mobile app is available in the Google Play Store.


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