Building a Craft Beer Brand to Believe In

In 2012, a new brewery opened in the United States just about every day of the year—a total of 345 new breweries—and an estimated 1200 additional breweries were in the planning stages.

The Brewers Association recently released current brewery statistics that leave last year’s numbers in the dust. As of May 31—not even at the halfway point of the year—a total of 422 new US breweries had opened in 2013—greater than the total number of breweries that opened in all of 2012. And the BA now estimates that 1559 additional breweries are in the planning stages.

That’s a lot of competition. But even in craft-beer-centric California, there’s room for more craft breweries (according to this New Yorker interactive map, based on Brewers Association stats, California’s 316 breweries offer a scant four breweries per half million people). At least, there’s room right now. Read More

Crowdsourced Beer? —Brew Dog Did It

Social media has taken the business world by storm the last few years. It seems everyone is either learning about it or doing it. But what happens when a business takes social media to the extreme by letting its clients design a product?

Recently British brewery Brew Dog employed crowdsourcing to let its fans create a beer. While that sounds paradoxical, almost like the perfect crisis,  it’s happening a lot more than people know. And it’s working. Read More

The TTB, the ABC, and Social Media for Craft Breweries

For craft breweries, establishing a powerful social media program can be the key to winning new customers thumbsand standing out from the competition (last year, nearly 400 new craft breweries opened in the United States—a number that looks like it will be dwarfed this year).

But the rules that govern breweries’ social media marketing can be difficult to navigate. For instance, if a brewery sells a keg to a restaurant, the brewery cannot post on Facebook that its beer will be on tap at that restaurant. Such a post is considered advertising—and if the brewery were to give its client, the restaurant, “free advertising” by posting about it… well, best not to even go there. (And don’t even get us started on the “two clicks” rule that is a goofball–though legal–workaround allowing breweries to publicize where their beers are on tap.) Read More

Yahoo! CEO: No Room for Pros

Where technology, information, and passion intersect—that’s ground zero for the do-it-yourselfer.

With a word processor—heck, with voice recognition software—and crowdsourced tips on how to use it, a wannabe writer can ditch the adjective. With a camera and a series of step-by-step blog posts, a would-be videographer can become a Vine artiste.

There’s a lot of great things to be said about these passionistas who write, take photos, make videos, and create fun, interesting, informative work. Professional writers, photographers, video producers, and other creators can take inspiration from their compadres’ creativity—and enthusiasm.

But Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer took it a little far when she spoke about the ways Flickr will become “awesome again.” Read More

4 Hot Branding Trends to Heat Up Customer Passion

At the Bizability Group, we tap into the latest trends in business branding to ensure that our clients maximize product sales and customer satisfaction. We know that marketing and branding landscapes change daily; if you want your company to be competitive over the long term, you need to be aware of these changes and then implement the ones that fit your company. And here’s the clincher: Don’t wait, or you might be left eating your competitors’ dust. Read More

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