There’s No Such Thing as Casual SMM

Everyone’s got a Facebook. Twitter only allows you 140 characters—how hard can that be? A blog is just a place to ramble on about whatever.smm

With attitudes like that, it’s no wonder that so many people think anyone can be a social media expert (in fact, many people think everyone is a social media expert). And that might be okay when you’re just catching up with high school friends or venting about a terrible restaurant.

But when it comes to corporate social media, attitudes like these are definitely not okay.

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3 Tactics for Successful Social Media

So  you’re a savvy business owner and the young tech geeks running around your office keep saying, “Social media: It’s the final frontier.” You want to believe them, maybe even embrace the concept they propose. But the mere thought of your business somehow incorporating Twitter and Facebook registers as well with you as a spaghetti Western might with aliens from Gideon (a Star Trek planet visited by the USS Enterprise).

Does social media seem as foreign as the far reaches of outer space?

So now what?

First, hire someone who can help you begin a social media campaign, because your tech geeks are on to something. Next, save yourself loads of time and trouble by simply beaming up these four great tactics—tactics used by the crew at the Bizability Group as part of a groundbreaking service called EDGE.

If used correctly, these social media tips will take your business into unimagined galaxies, and at warp speed, no less.  Well…maybe a little less. But not by much.

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A lot of business owners, especially owners of recent start-ups, are faced with a basic decision: Do we hire a social media firm, or do we do it ourselves?

Of course, given the wide variety of businesses and budgets, and given the wide range of employee expertise and knowledge, there is no single answer to that question. No one size fits all. There are, however, a few important things to consider when formulating your business’s response.

First, it’s just not as simple as saying “We’ll handle our own social media,” and heading off to the races, firing off an impulsive and inspired first blog or tweet. You see… there’s the whole content management issue. Information posted in blogs or tweet should not be what’s on the author’s mind at that given moment, but instead should be part of a well-defined, long-range branding plan. Blogs, Facebook posts, tweets—they’re all content used in product or service branding, and they should all be constructed as such: with consistency of message, and uniqueness of message articulation, across all communications platforms and outlets.

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Content Management–Who Needs It?

successWe’ll be perfectly frank: not every company needs a content manager, social media guru, or communications genius. So if your company…
… doesn’t need customers
… doesn’t have a mission
… doesn’t plan on thriving for decades to come

…Then feel free to click to a new page now, because you don’t need a content manager.

Everyone else, gather closer. Let’s get down to it: content management is absolutely vital for the success of your business.

Running a retail operation? Targeted social media posts can engage and expand your customer base, excite enthusiasm about new and existing products, and keep your name in the public eye—sharing your message on your terms.

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EDGE Out the Competition

The EDGEThe EDGE can whisk an ordinary business into a phone booth and transform it into a SuperBusiness. In no time at all, a company using the Bizability Group’s EDGE will be able to leap tall competitors in a single bound.

“Right…” you say, raising one eyebrow and staring at this blog entry as though it were written by a Comic- Con fanatic.

And to that I respond, “No—seriously.” Because in the short amount of time it takes you to read this post, you will learn how the Bizability Group’s exciting service, EDGE, is comparable to the work performed by  mega-salaried Fortune 500 Directors of Content and their social-media-PR-branding minions. Only we do it at a fraction of the cost.

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