4 Hot Branding Trends to Heat Up Customer Passion

At the Bizability Group, we tap into the latest trends in business branding to ensure that our clients maximize product sales and customer satisfaction. We know that marketing and branding landscapes change daily; if you want your company to be competitive over the long term, you need to be aware of these changes and then implement the ones that fit your company. And here’s the clincher: Don’t wait, or you might be left eating your competitors’ dust.

Here are four trends that can help most businesses get out from behind the competition.

Show and Tell

According to Forbes contributing author Susan Gunelius, one of the latest branding trends that companies need to practice is brand visualization. Gunelius states that brands need to “embrace visual content to tell their stories.” The bottom line is that images, both photos and videos, need to populate your digital content.

Don’t Just Stand Out From the Crowd—Embrace It

Gunelius also believes that brand crowdsourcing is another trend that businesses must utilize. What is brand crowdsourcing? It’s the collection of the voices that tout your brand, the use of  their posts and tweets and blogs to create new marketing opportunities. Sound like a good idea? That’s because it is.

It’s Good to be Bad (Sometimes)Is a Harley for everyone?

Laurence Vincent, the author of Brand Real, writes about the “politically incorrect realities of voice.” While a lot of companies have moved to politically correct messaging, there is no denying that rank individuality–even if politically incorrect–can draw clients to your brand. Just look at Harley-Davidson. Do they brand themselves as a gender-neutral street bike for the masses? Absolutely not.

Keep It Simple

Team members from Landor, the brand strategy firm that developed the FedEx logo, suggest that one of the most relevant branding trends for entrepreneurs in 2013 is Simplicity, Storytelling, and Passion. Landor global strategy director Ian Woods says, “Brand models have accreted lots of elements over time, and people fear cutting away. What we need to do is make our brand models more actionable, more understandable and, most of all, simple enough for people to believe in and get passionate about.” A simple message wrapped in elegant and smooth storytelling can create the passion that brands need to rise to the top. Businesses that don’t have the talent on staff to create that kind of messaging need to seek outside help, or else risk producing tweets, blog posts, or other messaging that clogs consumers’ arteries and kills their passion.

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