Craft Beer Branding – Brewing A Beer Buzz Seminar 8-3-13

On Aug. 3, dozens of craft brewery operators–and future craft brewery operators–gathered at Chapman University to listen to industry experts share their insights on craft beer branding.

Brewing A Beer Buzz SeminarThe five sessions of “Brewing A Beer Buzz: The Secrets Of Successful Beer Branding” each focused on a different aspect of craft beer branding–from beer packaging to brewery collaboration, from what retailers look for in a craft beer brand to what the leading breweries do to build a winning craft beer brand.

Videos of each session are posted below, along with the speakers’ presentations.

Session 1 What’s in a Brand?
David Beall, Bizability Group
Session 2 Collaborations to Strengthen Your Brand

Alex Puchner, BJ’s Restaurants, Inc.; Tyler Kemp, Golden Road Brewing; Jerrod Larsen, Tustin Brewing Company; moderator Greg Nagel, OC Beer Blog

Session 3 Packaging a Craft Beer Brand

John Kellog, Square Peg Packaging and Printing

Session 4 The Importance of a Craft Beer Brand from the Retail Perspective

Jarred Dooley, Playground DTSA; Wil Dee, Haven Collective; Joseph Tchan, SoCal Beverage Distribution; moderator Greg Nagel, OC Beer Blog

Session 5 Building a Winning Craft Beer Brand

Carl Katz, The Bruery; Tyler Kemp, Golden Road Brewing, John Rockwell, Los Angeles Ale Works


Session 1 Video

David Beall Slides

 Session 2 Video

Tyler Kemp Slides

Alex Puchner Slides

Session 3 Video

John Kellog Slides

Session 4 Video

Session 5 Video

Carl Katz Slides

Tyler Kemp Slides

John Rockwell Slides

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