Inland Southern California Brewer’s Guild

Working quickly to form the Inland Southern California Brewer’s Guild, develop a mission statement, collect dues, and create a map of Riverside and San Bernardino breweries—all while managing their individual craft brewery businesses—the ISCBG didn’t have the time or the expertise to develop a website and launch affiliated social media accounts. What they did have was a tight deadline: the website had to be up and running in less than two months, in time to be publicized at a major beer festival.



  • Easy-to-navigate accordion design for list of member breweries
  • Downloadable map of member breweries
  • Custom Google map of member breweries
  • Publicity for member breweries via website news page, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Responsive website design automatically adjusts to device used to view it




Social Media


Swift launch with style

There’s power in numbers—and that’s exactly why craft brewers across Riverside and San Bernardino counties decided to band together to form the Inland Southern California Brewer’s Guild. Though founding members were enthusiastic and had a clear vision—they wanted a website; they wanted a map of their breweries to hand out; and they wanted to launch a beer festival to draw attention to Inland SoCal’s craft beer scene—they had few resources to spare to make that vision a reality. Focused on moving their individual businesses forward, they didn’t have the time or the expertise to design a website or manage the social media accounts that could put their breweries in the spotlight and build a strong attendance for their beer festival.

After getting some direction from guild board-members, Bizability Group expert designers created an eye-catching website with straightforward navigation. The engaging site focuses on three calls to action: learning about member breweries, building guild membership, and guiding visitors on the Inland SoCal “beer trail.”

A vibrant homepage slideshow spotlights and enables each of those three calls to action, while a menu at the top of the page offers navigation to pages featuring the members, guild membership info, and the downloadable map, in addition to a page of craft beer news and ISCBG member events. The website also includes a page of links to regional activities and destinations. An award-winning Bizability Group writer composed the fun and engaging copy for the website, keeping the focused text short and to the point: “You’ve got to taste Inland SoCal craft beer!”

Using design elements from the website, Bizability Group also launched an ISCBG Facebook page and Twitter account and began posting news about members, drawing immediate attention from other regional organizations—and building a base of followers the guild could easily connect with as they began planning their own beer festival.

After viewing the website, ISCBG Secretary, Marcus Cole, said: “ Home run!!!!! The site is fantastic…….”

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