Insurance Agency Publication Released

ORANGE, Calif., May 12, 2014—After months of development, Bizability Group has completed an insurance agency publication focusing on brewery safety and loss control for craft brewery operators and management.

The insurance agency publication is a 50-page book that’s part of a communications and public relations contract to release insurance agency publications to build and reinforce a prominent insurance agency’s brand. The book will be distributed by that agency to its key craft brewery clients.

While the book serves as an insurance agency publication focusing on how craft breweries can reduce property risk, liability risk, and employee risk, it also addresses issues ranging from liquor liability claims to developing an emergency preparedness plan. The insurance agency publication provides an overview of many of the issues craft brewery operators and managers face in running their business, offering tips and checklists to help them improve overall safety and reduce the risk of accidents and lawsuits.

“Last year in the United States, more than 350 new craft breweries opened their doors,” said Bizability Group vice president Elisabeth Deffner, who led development of the book. “More than 1,200 new craft breweries are currently in the planning stages, and all of them will, at some point, be faced with exposures and hazards that can lead to significant financial loss.

“Our client wants to publish high-quality insurance agency publications that reinforce the client’s brand as an expert in select fields, such as craft brewery insurance, and this publication does just that–while also helping craft breweries reduce their potential for financial loss.”

Bizability Group consults with insurance agencies, providing the digital media and communications services and solutions they need to grow and succeed. Executive team David Beall and Elisabeth Deffner have a total of more than 40 years’ experience in insurance and communications, focusing on practical solutions utilizing the latest technology.

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