Nonprofit Digital Media and Public Relations

The Bizability Group has extensive communications experience, and our nonprofit digital media and public relations experts draw on that experience to create unique solutions for each and every one of our clients. Our solutions deliver the quality and creativity your organization expects at a cost you’ll find surprisingly affordable. Our nonprofit digital media and public relations methods utilize both traditional and non-traditional approaches, and all our methods and solutions allow your organization to maximize its resources so employees can focus on what they do best: delivering on your organization’s mission statement.

Here’s what our Nonprofit Digital Media and Public Relations programs can do for you that none of our competitors’ programs can.

We can:

  1. Take your print newsletter to the Web
    … we are experienced in converting static print publications into dynamic, interactive websites that maintain your original publication’s personality and purpose, and our nonprofit digital media and public relations experts utilize advanced proprietary techniques to ensure the highest possible levels of constituent and supporter engagement.
  2. Create and manage social media programs
    … utilizing our unique methods and statistical research, our targeted approach attracts an audience and builds supportive followers—and it costs you less than if you did it yourself.
  3. Grab public attention through a public relations campaign
    … our nonprofit digital media and public relations experts take creativity to the highest level with non-traditional, direct-to-supporter, and traditional public relations campaigns that compel the response your organization is looking for.
  4. Create and manage crowdfunding campaign to fund a program or project
    … utilizing a specialized approach, we create a personalized website and supporting social media messaging to get you the funds your projects need.
  5. Build an engaging website to connect with current and potential members
    … we can take your tired website and breathe new life into your internet presence–and even create an integrated  phone app.
  6. Craft exciting blog posts to bump you up higher on search engines
    … using the key word-rich language we develop specifically for your organization, our nonprofit digital media and public relations experts craft blogs that will interest your current supporters while also drawing the attention of new ones.

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