Real Estate Social Media Marketing

The experts at the Bizability Group are business growers, and our real estate social media marketing experience allows us to create unique solutions for the real estate industry. Our solutions deliver the quality and creativity you expect at a cost you’ll find surprisingly affordable. Our real estate social media marketing methods utilize both traditional and non-traditional approaches, and all our methods and solutions allow your organization to maximize its resources so you can focus on what you do best: sell real estate.

Here’s what our real estate social media marketing program can do for you that none of our competitors’ programs can.

We can:

  1. Create a unique combination of traditional and non-traditional lead generation and marketing
    … our real estate social media marketing experts use a combination of proprietary social media and public relations key word-rich language and rapid-fire messaging that compel a response from real estate buyers and sellers.
  2. Replace expensive canned social media programs with affordable posts and tweets written especially for your business
    … for less than the cost of daily lunch, our team of experts will craft an individualized program that promotes the uniqueness of your real estate business and attracts prospective clients in the markets you target.
  3. Build an engaging website to connect with current and potential customers
    … we create websites that function as search engine-optimized marketing and public relations machines capable of delivering high-frequency, fresh content.
  4. Improve your name recognition through a public relations campaign
    … our real estate social media marketing professionals work with our public relations experts to formulate non-traditional, direct-to-consumer, and traditional public relations campaigns that move real estate buyers and sellers to respond.
  5. Craft informative blog posts to establish you as a market expert and improve your search engine results
    … our blog posts take advantage of news and current events to better educate clients about the need for your services.
  6. Create newsletters and video content
    … we reach your clients where they are—not only through social media and public relations, but also through engaging newsletters and videos that showcase your services.
  7. Offer personalized service for you
    … we will develop a program just for you, involving existing clients and engaging prospective clients in the markets you target.

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