Speak Up! (The Sooner, the Better)

Whether we’re developing the editorial calendar for a client’s social media marketing, providing content for the websites we develop, writing copy for promotional materials—heck, whether we’re conversing with a current or future client!—everything Bizability Group does has communication at its core. speech-bubble-146508_640And that just makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, a business that can’t communicate is a business that’s destined to fail. So it’s been fascinating to come across some major communications fallacies in recent weeks. To wit:

  • I’m going to do a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money to hire communications professionals.

Um, well, here’s the thing: if an organization doesn’t already have a robust social media presence, and plenty of contacts that have been developed and nurtured through that presence, where exactly is the “crowd” that’s supposed to “fund” the project in question? First things first: tell people who you are. Show them your products, your attitude, your personality. Communicate with them. Engage them. And then they’ll be there when you need them—like for a crowdfunding campaign.

  • Video is the way people communicate now.

Far be it from us to dismiss the power of video. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater: words are still a primal form of communication. After all, the actors in the video are speaking words. The on-screen text that tells you where to click/ call/ donate? That text is made up of words. (And those words were probably scripted by a writer.)

  • This program is going to be huge—so we’re waiting to do the social media until we have all our ducks in a row.

Guys! The most important duck to line up IS your social media/ communications/ marketing plan.

You may earnestly believe your nonprofit/ new gadget/ microbrewery/ pet accessory/ etc is going to be the biggest thing that never hit “Shark Tank.” You may sincerely fear that you are going to be swept under by a tsunami of demand. You may truly think that you are playing it smart by staying in the shadows until you feel ready to launch. But if you haven’t begun to build a network before you launch, you may find that instead of shrieks of delight and rowdy applause all you hear are crickets.

“If you build it, they will come” worked in “Field of Dreams.” “If you just launch it, they will buy”—well, that’s a fantasy so unbelievable you’ll never see a movie about it.

No matter what field you’re in, you’re in the business of communication. Reach out to your future network, or hire experts to reach out for you. But don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to start telling your story. You may discover it’s tough to find anyone interested in hearing it at that late date.

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