Launching a new niche company, longtime photographer Rick Belcher needed a website, blog, and social media accounts to help him promote his new endeavor and reach out to his target market. He wanted a crisp, minimalist layout that would allow his photos to do the talking (1000 words at a time!)—but also needed the capability of allowing clients to log in to private galleries to view the proofs of their photos.



  • Clean, sharp layout
  • Custom slideshows on main pages and in sidebars
  • Original content to engage future clients
  • Advanced contact forms




A high-end website for a high-end business

A professional photographer with years of experience shooting Catholic Masses, vigils, ordinations, and weddings, Rick Belcher was ready to launch a new business bringing his deep experience to bear on a fruitful market: weddings. He envisioned with a clean, crisp layout that would help visitors focus on his photos. Having struggled with a complex content management system, he was also adamant about a user-friendly CMS that would allow him to upload clients’ photos easily—and offer them the opportunity to view those photos on private pages inaccessible to the general public.

Starting with Rick’s design ideas, Bizability Group designers crafted a custom website that pulls from The Catholic Wedding Photographer logo. Menu and sidebar text appears in the dark gray of the logo, and all menu items appear in the red of the logo. Using cutting-edge design techniques, designers invested a bounce-up effect in the main menu items. They created a contact form that would allow Rick to capture future clients’ information—as well as make it easy for those clients to explain exactly what their needs were—while protecting Rick from spam. And they developed a secure area of the website where clients could log in to view their photos in privacy.

A personal Facebook user, Rick had never had a corporate Facebook page, so Bizability Group social media gurus created The Catholic Wedding Photographer’s Facebook page, as well as a corporate Twitter account, to reach out to clients through the most popular social media platforms. Award-winning Bizability Group writers also crafted informative blog posts for “In Focus,” The Catholic Wedding Photographer blog.

“I am passionate about my work—and very particular about the look and quality of my photos,” Rick says. “That passion and attention to detail is reflected in this website. It’s the perfect tool to reach out to engaged couples looking for a photographer who can deliver great shots while respecting the sanctity of the sacrament of marriage.”

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